Interesting Games to Play with Friends

If you are interested in making new friends, or you are wondering how you could get even closer with your current friends, we think that playing games is a great idea. The types of games that you would enjoy with your friends depend on where you live, and the type of games that you all enjoy. But let us talk a little bit about the different options that you have. We can show you some of the games that we think are great when you want to play them with a group of people. These games will ensure all your nights are a ton of fun.


This is a game that you may not know about very much if you are from the United States. It is more of an Asian game. But we think that Kendama is a game that has a ton of potential. It is a game where you know that you are going to have a great time when you are playing. You are using a wooden tool that is called a ken, and you are going to manipulate a ball that is called a tama. And when you have done various tricks, and gotten the ball back on the right spot, you will know that you have succeeded. You can play individually, or you can all compete with each other.



Whether you are in college or you are all a little bit older, you can enjoy a game of darts any time that you want. Most people think that you can only play darts when you are at a bar or something like that. But so long as you have a nice darts board at the house, all of you can have fun when you are hanging out. The game is great, even if you are not drinking.

Beer Pong

This is one of those games that only works when you are drinking. You could play it without drinking, but it is not nearly the same experience. So long as you have some beer at the house, this is all that you need. You are going to fill some beer in each of the cups, and you will use table tennis balls that you have to get into the cups. When you get the ball into the cup, someone on the other team has to drink. So you can see how this becomes such a fun game to play.

We can understand if you are nervous about trying some new games. We can all feel that way if we have never experienced such games before. But the great thing about these new games is that you know you are going to have a wonderful time. Everyone who has ever tried these games knows that it is a great time, and now you are going to experience that too. And who knows, you may be able to introduce a new game to all your friends that everyone is going to love. And we know you will feel good about that.